All of our HVAC maintenance service packages are Quarterly, Bi-Annually and Yearly depending upon the preferences of our clients.



1. Residential Services

At Dependable Comfort, we seamlessly perform all HVAC residential services & repair of all brands, including the newest technologies.

We offer quality air conditioning and heating solutions to homes across Flagler County. Our demanding business has been successfully increasing the efficiency of your systems, setting the standard for HVAC services everywhere.

At Dependable Comfort, we respect your property’s finishes and treat them with extraordinary care. Our skilled technicians acquire the knowledge and experience to solve all aspects of your HVAC problems. By blending expertise and industry knowledge with the determination to recognize and assess each client’s distinctive specifications, we’re confident of keeping your residencies running efficiently.

Our team at Dependable Comfort came into the establishment for one purpose: to provide you with quick service for your residential HVAC requirements. Regardless of the equipment you have, we are sure we’ve worked on it before and have the expertise to service it.

We are dedicated to providing superior workmanship and pioneering solutions for every residential project we undertake. At Dependable Comfort, we have got you covered! Call us today to schedule your appointment.


2. Commercial Services

From small shops to huge rooftop systems, large businesses, and restaurants, we know how to service all the equipment for you.

Mechanical systems today are undoubtedly more complicated, and energy costs are on the rise. Thus, companies find it exhausting and complicated to manage the services of different contractors. At Dependable Comfort, we are energy efficient commercial HVAC solution specialists designed to minimize operational costs and maintain a relaxed and safe working environment for facilities across Flagler County.

At Dependable Comfort, we are the leading name in reliability and quality when it comes to commercial HVAC repair service. We guarantee our high level of expertise in our range of services, along with prompt and cost-effective support. When you choose us, you can be confident you’re getting the finest in the business and the premium value for your money.

If you feel your heating, cooling, and ventilation control systems should be updated with the current usage layout, requirements, and building materials, we are here to guide you with our expertise in HVAC design thoroughly. We help you in choosing the right kind and size system for your precise requirements and ensure that it’s correctly integrated with supporting systems.

No other company in the industry matches our kind of customer service and execution in commercial HVAC services. From old legacy systems to the latest air conditioning and heating technologies, we are updated with all.

Whatever commercial HVAC services you are looking for, our technicians are available to provide reliable and convenient services. At Dependable Comfort, we have got you covered! Call us today to schedule your appointment.

3. Maintenance

Much like your vehicle, the air conditioning and heating system greatly benefit from consistent service. Through general maintenance annually or twice in a year, costly repairs that arise, such as a part of your system requiring replacement or break down, can be avoided. We use the proper tools and techniques to clean them without risking damage to your system or your property.

When you hire us, we undergo various standard maintenance procedures in a sole visit to ensure that your systems are running at optimum conditions. We provide that your heating and cooling systems can perform their jobs properly and are working perfectly.

Commercial and Residential Maintenance

For your HVAC systems functioning at their optimal, they need a periodic inspection for failing parts and issues that could cause breakdowns.

Maintenance is essential for extending the life of the equipment, and with us, you’ll receive a convenient service that gives you peace of mind.

We keep your environment comfortable by fulfilling your HVAC maintenance regularly for the prevention of breakdowns and failures of your systems. Our commercial and residential HVAC maintenance services are reliable and boost the efficiency of your systems.

At Dependable Comfort, we get to you whenever you need our assistance and fix your problem faster than any other HVAC maintenance company. We’ll get your systems running instantly with our exceptional service and highly trained technicians. We’ve worked on every type of system ranging from building such as brownstones to high rise, which means we’re updated about all the latest HVAC technology. With us, you can rest assured to make the smartest choice for your needs.

Our maintenance services include:

  • An extensive examination of the entire system to identify any damage.
  • We inspect, clean, and adjust the coils to ensure that your system is performing perfectly.
  • We check and replace your air filters to reduce dust, increase airflow, and create cleaner air.
  • We clean all the ducts, vents, and condensation lines for the prevention of any buildup and blockages.
  • We inspect your system’s mechanical components for their best performance.
  • We evaluate your performance components to ensure your system is cooling properly.

All of our maintenance packages are Quarterly, Bi-Annually, and Yearly, depending upon the preferences of our clients. To schedule your HVAC maintenance, contact us today!